As a consultant, I witnessed a lot of businesses try to skip steps in a service provider’s process in order to save time or money.  While in the short term I can understand how they came to the conclusion that skipping steps would provide their desired outcome faster and under budget, in the long term they discovered that those skipped steps cost them.

The biggest mistake you can make on your Internet and website projects is not following a proven process.

At Tuva our high level process is Discover, Develop, and Deliver.  We’ve had clients request to skip steps in that simple 3-step process on a regular basis.  We ask our clients to trust in our proven process to get them to their desired outcome – a quality, on time, and within budget website application.

  • Discover.  “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” (Benjamin Franklin). 
    We’ve found that collaborative and thorough discovery will lead to projects that are scoped for exactly what is needed, wanted and wished for by the clients and users.  It also prepares the development team to get more traction on the project right from the start.
  • Develop“Before software can be reusable it first has to be usable.” (Ralph Johnson). 
    The user experience has to be the first thing outline in the architecture.  Designing, coding and programming without understanding the end user and the experience they will have is critical to project success.
  • Deliver“All code is guilty, until proven innocent.” (Anonymous). 
    Proper quality testing supports the original plan and scope by proving it works.  Taking the time to do it right, from the beginning, will save time in not having to do it over.

Working within the process will result in better understanding of the project scope, less change orders during development, on time delivery, and quality in desired outcome.