One of the newer technologies that is hitting the mainstream and we are LOVING around here at Tuva are CDNs (Content Delivery Networks).

What is CDN?  The ability to deliver content to website and mobile users with high availability and high performance.  When a specific request is made by a user, the server closest to that user is dynamically determined.  This will optimize the speed with which the content is delivered to the user.  Because distance matters, even over the Internet, content access and file downloads are much faster and more reliable utilizing CDN.

CDN is most effective when you have a website with a lot of static content.  One of our clients has seen a 35% reduction in page load times moving images, CSS, Javascript, and embedded media to a CDN.

Not only does CDN make the site more responsive for users, but all major search engines factor page load times into their rankings (faster sites will be credited for it!).

These changes are very easy to implement for websites at a very low operational cost and can make a huge impact on website efficiency, search engine optimization (SEO), and user experience!