Being a local chapter of a national organization ALSTL had to adhere to national brand standards but was eager to create a fresh identity. Beyond basic web design we helped shape their brand messaging. The previous ALSTL site was cluttered with complex navigation, little or outdated photos, and long copy blocks. The direction created for the new site was to focus on quick messaging for each program that was accompanied by a strong, real imagery. The interior content would appeal to the emotion of the program and have clear calls to action to donate or contact ALSTL for additional information. Tuva, Brandon Towl of Words Have Impact, and the ALSTL committee worked on developing the new content direction and ended up creating a powerful message.

Once we established a new voice, we began to develop the web design. A challenge of the design involved working with the primary color palette. Working with the brand red, whites and blues we set out to create a look that fit with the branding but didn't feel too patriotic. Our solution was to create strong visuals banners on every page. This would help break up the bold colors and also tie into the emotional appeal messaging created. We also incorporated in testimonials on every page to reinforce how ALSTL makes an impact on the community.

The site was developed using Joomla as the content management system. This allows the ALSTL staff to update the site with latest news, events and important information. Joomla was also used for the Member Portal where members can view a directory, calendars and program information.

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