Tuva Interactive created a complete brand for the Partnership, with a logo and color palette that were incorporated into the website design.

A major component of the project was to build a custom reservations system that fully addresses the requirements of the partnership. Key requirements included:

  • Reservation scheduling with complex rules
  • Address verification engine
  • Notifications engine with email reminders
  • Exceptions and specific rules for each of the three jurisdictions
  • Full back-end management system for the website and reservations system

Tuva’s team carefully orchestrated the many complex requirements through an extensive discovery and scoping process. The final scope document fully mapped the requirements, and made development a straightforward process.

Because of our careful planning and discovery, every single requirement was fully supported by the system, with virtually no significant changes to the applications during testing and rollout. The Partnership was astounded by the smooth launch, especially considering the complexities of the environment.

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